Communication Student Capstone Projects

Communication Student Capstone Projects

The crowning requirement of the DSU Communication Program is a capstone project. It may be a research paper, production, professional experience or some other project of the student’s choice. These papers and reports of projects are made available here for faculty and other students to review. (The names of the students and their professors have been removed.)

Please note:

  • It is to your benefit to be acquainted first with the various types of projects and research styles.
  • Your professor will receive an email informing him/her of the project(s) you download.

First enter your contact information and, if applicable, the class you’re taking and the instructor. Then choose the type of project that interests you and browse the titles. (Click on the button next to the title to see a summary.) Then select the project you wish to check out. There is no limit to the number of capstones you review, but you must complete this process for each one you download.

Upon submitting the form you will be shown a link to either a PDF file of the paper or in some cases, another media such as video. This link will also be sent to the email address you entered. These files may then be saved and/or printed.

Capstone Projects
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