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Communication Studies Department

The Communication Studies degree is geared toward students who have interests in Interpersonal, Small Group, Organizational, Health, Intercultural, and Public Communication and Rhetoric. Curriculum focuses on critical thinking and argumentation, ethics, in interaction, message creation and analysis in private, professional, and public settings, and intercultural competence. Curriculum focuses on critical thinking and argumentation. ethics in interaction, and message creation. The program educates students in research methods and provides opportunities for students to conduct their own research.

To complete the Communication Studies degree, you will need 120 total college credits. Specific electives are not required. Work with your advisor to select any elective courses you desire in Communication or any other discipline.

Learn more about our program requirements, and be sure to take note of an prerequisites (see PDF version of degree requirements).

Tips from our Academic Advisors:

  • Take no more lower-division electives than necessary
  • Always give preference to upper-division electives where possible.