Digital Motion Picture Production

Digital Motion Picture Production

Our Digital Film Production track gives students the opportunity to work on ongoing commercial
projects and documentary productions in a real-world environment. Students learn operational
aspects of lighting, camera, and sound production requirements, as well as pre and post
production skills. Courses are offered in screenwriting, editing, and documentary production.
Our film students have received national and international recognition. Graduates of this
program find careers in all aspects of film production, television production, screenwriting, film
editing, and more.

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Digital Motion Picture Core Requirements:

  • COMM 1050 Intro to Communication Theory
  • COMM 1130 Writing for Mediated Audiences
  • COMM 2110 Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 2500 Digital Revoluation & Society
  • COMM 3510 Ethics in Communication
  • COMM 3560 Visual Communication
  • COMM 3640 Digital Motion Picture Pre-Production
  • COMM 3660/65 Digital Motion Picture Production
  • COMM 3680/85 Digital Motion Picture Post-Production
  • COMM 4260 Media Law
  • COMM 4900R Internship
  • COMM 4980 Senior Seminar (Capstone)

Total Core Requirements: 37

Digital Film emphasis Requirements (take at least 5 classes):

  • COMM 2660 Introduction to Digital motion Picture Production

Complete ONE of the following:

    • COMM 1500 Intro to Mediated Communication
    • COMM 2010 Media and Society
    • Audio Production Courses: (Select at least one):
      • COMM 1560 Audio for Converged Media
      • COMM 4790 Audio Production for Digital Motion Pictures
    • New media Course: (Select at least one):
      • COMM 2460 Introduction to New Media Production
      • COMM 3480 New Social Media
      • COMM 3530 Digital Photojournalism
      • COMM 4330 New Media Applications
    • Other DMP Production Electives (Select at least one):
      • COMM 2600 Screenwriting
      • COMM 2800 Special Effects for DMP
      • COMM 3220 Art Direction / Set Construction for DMP
      • COMM 3240 Lighting/Grip for DMP
      • COMM 3420 Production Design for DMP
      • COMM 3590 Media Management and Sales
      • COMM 3620 Advanced Screenwriting
      • COMM 4100/05 Documentary Production
      • COMM 4380/85 Advanced TV Production and Lab
      • COMM 4640 Feature Writing
      • COMM 4680 Multimedia Journalism
      • COMM 4700/05 Advanced Digital Motion Picture Production and Lab
      • COMM 4800/05 Advanced Digital Motion Picture Post Production and Lab

Total Elective Requirements: 15

Total Required Credits for Degree: 120

You will need 120 total college credits. Specific electives are not required. Work with your advisor to select any elective courses you desire in Communication or any other discipline. Take no more lower-division electives than necessary. Always give preference to upper-division electives where possible. Be sure to take note of any prerequisits (see PDF version of degree requirements).

Academic Advisor

Bryan Jacobs