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Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes

Prior to graduation, each Communication Studies major will have demonstrated that he/she . . .

  1. Understands the fundamental and primary theoretical traditions of human communication study.

  2. Understands and practices ethical communication in personal and professional activities.

  3. Explains in own words and illustrates how fundamental human communication concepts and theories can be used to understand communication behaviors in a variety of contexts: small groups, organizations, interpersonal relationships, and public discourse.

  4. Formulates and delivers effective messages integrating knowledge, skills, and values in oral presentations with a variety of purposes including informing, persuading, entertaining, and celebrating.

  5. Applies elements of sound reasoning and critical thinking when communicating interpersonally, in small groups and organizations, and in public discourse.

  6. Practices effective communication for intercultural settings, demonstrating cross-cultural communication knowledge and skills.