Program Learning Outcomes

Prior to graduation, each Communication Studies major will have demonstrated that he/she can . . .

  1. Apply and demonstrate the importance of foundations and contributions of communication in both historical &  contemporary contexts.
  2. Identify and evaluate ethical communication in personal, professional,  and societal contexts.
  3. Illustrate how communication concepts and theories are used    to understand communication behaviors in a variety of contexts, including small groups, organizations, interpersonal and professional relationships, and public discourse.
  4. Synthesize and apply communication theory and skills  to solve problems, manage personal and professional relationships, and overcome communication barriers.
  5. Integrate critical reasoning into the formulation and delivery of effective and ethical personal, social, professional, and public oral and written messages for a variety of audience compositions in numerous contexts.
  6. Analyze and critique messages from personal, social, professional, and public sources      to determine message effectiveness, ethics, appropriateness, and strategies utilized by the message designer.
  7. Apply effective and appropriate written & oral communication skills when exposed to intercultural settings, and cross-cultural environments to achieve a cultural sensitivity to diversity, as well as to navigate and overcome potential communication differences.