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Nicole LaVoieWelcome to Communication Studies!

A degree in communication allows you to explore and discover how effective interactions occur between individuals and groups, and why those interactions determine the quality of the society in which we live. Once you have obtained a communication degree it forges opportunities for careers in business, public relations, human resources, journalism, consulting, and so many more. A degree in communication gives you a broad knowledge of human interaction that can be applicable to any job you choose explore during your career.

We offer training in the general study of Communication for students who are interested in traditional face-to-face interactions between people, among groups, and in public speaking settings. This degree allows students to master multiple facets of human communication such as organizational communication, interpersonal communication, and public communication.

We have award-winning faculty, many of whom have decades of experience and many accolades as teachers and researches. In the last several years we’ve awarded more bachelor’s degrees at Dixie State than any other department. Students who begin studying with us end up staying until they finish their degree for two reasons: the real world application of the degree when entering the workforce, and the passionate, quality teaching.

Our staff guide students to successful completion of programs and are ready to help. Please call or come by the Jennings building for a visit. We look forward to working with you!

Nicole LaVoie
Department Chair,
Communication Studies

Degree Completion Program

The program allows students to complete a bachelor’s degree in five continual semesters.
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